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ZOR Thong solid brass transmission shifter bushing w/spring washer for Suzuki Samurai

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We are limited to a small supply of these while we convert over to our new CNC lathe for mass production!

The ZOR "THONG"! Another great product from ZOR, gives your 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai 5 speed transmission stick, a nice solid shift again. This trans shift stick bushing has a 25 year warranty, made of solid brass. Gives your shift stick a continuous solid shift and feel. The last shift bushing you will ever drop in your 5 speed Suzuki Samurai trans. Illustrated instructions. Comes with a new specially designed 3 point 15 lb wavy washer. There is no other product of any material that compares to the success of this product exclusive to ZOR and ZOR dealers. 

Install by pulling stick when trans in neutral. Remove shift knob, boot, dust boot, retainer ring, old wavy washer and any old shift bushing. Clean, debur groove on ball slot with file. Check the shift bolt for being broken by wiggling the nub. If it wiggles, it is broke. Replace with the ZOR hardened allen shift bolt.


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